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Thursday, March 03, 2005

In solidarity brother!

I saw the funniest thing earlier. Some guy got his car nudged by a bus. So he decided to park his car in the middle of an intersection, get out to abuse the bus driver, stand in FRONT of the bus so it couldn't move while he sat on his cell phone, presumably ringing cops/bus company/insurance company. In the meantime, he managed to grind the whole of Lambton Quay to a standstill. It was great! We were thinking about going and joining in in his protest and having a sit in. I probably could have got a bunch of activists to come down and join in. I'm sure an uptight, stressed out guy in a suit and a shiny red sports car would LOVE a bunch of stinky hippies on his side! Or it might have helped encourage him to pull the carrot out of his ass, move his car and let the fifteen or so busses and countless cars backing up behind him get on their way.


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