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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Columbia, the United States and the war on inanimate objects

The Herald is reporting a story about the collapse of the war on drugs in Columbia. Well duh, anyone who has spent 10 minutes learning about the corrupt situation in Columbia would know that there are some serious issues that need dealing with between the government and the drug cartels before any 'war on drugs' is going to make any kind of difference. What concerned me about this story though was the discussion around spraying. What the hell are they spraying with? There are a number of reports around in relation to this spraying. ENN has a Reuters story with the Organization of American States denying any negative impact on human health, pfft, whatever. Common Dreams has a story about the actual contents of the spray:

The aerial spray mixture contains three components: water, an EPA registered formulation of the herbicide glyphosate, and Cosmo-Flux 411F, a surfactant produced in Colombia that helps the herbicide to penetrate the waxy surface of the coca leaves. Glyphosate is manufactured by the U.S. based Monsanto Corporation and is commonly referred to by the trade name Roundup. Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide, meaning that any plant exposed to a sufficient amount of the chemical will be killed.
So surprise, surprise Monsanto is the sponsor of this fine project. Jeremy Bigwood has a very good piece picking apart the relationships. I recommend a read. It is ridiculous that the US Govt is sponsoring this mass-poisoning of the people, their food, water and soil. It makes me sick.


At 5/16/2005 01:18:00 PM, Blogger damian_nz said...

hooray for capitalism! go the market-driven economy! if we only opened our trade up so that corporations were free to cross national boundaries, then the wonderful unifying force of love that money brings will make everyone feel constant bliss.

At 5/16/2005 05:58:00 PM, Blogger Kakariki said...

Don't forget that lovely, itchy feeling you get from Monsanto Cancer (TM). The grandkids are going to be so jealous when I tell them that we didn't even have to pay for it, they just sprayed it on for free!


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