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Monday, May 23, 2005

Save the whales!

It was out of it last week, I was out on the street helping with the Trans-Tasman Green campaign to lobby the Japanese to pull their heads in over their push to increase their 'scientific' whaling take. And all these people told me that 'Save The Whales' was such an old slogan and we should find a new one. Excuse me? THE WHALES STILL NEED SAVING! THEY'RE STILL HANGING OUT ON THE ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST, DUH! So I asked some of these people if they would prefer 'stop the barbaric large-scale, mass, butchering of large marine mammals' and while some of them agreed that it didn't quite have the same ring to it, most looked blank. *sigh* Anyway, for those of you who care, the NZ and Australian Greens launched a lobbying campaign last week. You too can join in by writing to the Japanese Ambassador. More information here.


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