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Monday, July 11, 2005

Sustainably blog

Sometimes in life when you're a sustainability-focussed activist you need to make some decisions that are hard ones. One of those hard decisions is when to stop caring for the planet and everyone/thing on it and just look after yourself. I have just had to make that decision and I won't be posting on here for a little while. Thanks to those who have been supporting me. I'll be back I promise. In the meantime I am just going to go hide and hang out with some trees.


At 7/12/2005 03:53:00 PM, Blogger GeorgeDarroch said...

Hope you come back refreshed Kakariki :)

At 7/12/2005 07:28:00 PM, Blogger Phantasmagoric Political Junkie said...

Hope everything gets sorted out. :-)

At 7/18/2005 01:11:00 AM, Blogger Joe Hendren said...

come back soon :)

At 7/24/2005 06:08:00 PM, Blogger span said...

snap kakariki - good luck getting your equilibrium back :)


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