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Friday, December 03, 2004

From the reborn-semi-infamous-dept.

So apparently we read it here first. 'it' being the phenomena of blogging (Sorry I can't link to the referred article, you have to actually buy it). And the prediction has come true and blogging is now 'the thing' to do. No offence to Nigel cause a) I think he's a really nice guy and b) I see the very real need for a place within the comptuer magazine industry for old, just getting to know this new fangled technology readers but, duh! Anyway, bitting sarcasm aside, I humbly honoured to be listed as a blog worth printing in the last Netguide Magazine. I hope all you others that got a mention are as amused as I am at the general length of the link lists in that magazine. I mean, how cool a job is that? Spending a month cruising around the internet to collate the 'authorative' lists of websites by topic and product reviews. Oh when will that magazine die? Heard of Google?


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