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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Yay Mike!

Congratulations to Mike Ward for winning the Supreme Award at the Wearable Art Awards last night. WOOOOHOOOO!!! Now I was hoping he would win a prize for this costume as it's pretty cool, but the Supreme Award YeHar! And I think Mike should take this award as not only recognistion of the masterpiece he has created but also his tireless commitment to the advocacy of the arts. Mike is not the sort of person who talks about the monetary value of art, but the value to all of us if we are surrounded in beautiful things. It's quality of life, stupid. I think parliament will not be as much of a colourful place without Mike but now he gets to go back to what he's best at, making beautiful things and inspiring the people around him to make this world a beautiful place. Well done Mike, you deserve it!


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