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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Oh to be 16 again

More fun and games with the ol' Technorati search and I discover young Sam Bonner and his Socialist Free Haven. I'm impressed that someone that young is so politically aware. Pity about his analysis. But I was proud to be lumped in with Aaron Bhatnagar, Public Address, Tim Barnett and Tony Milne as the only blogs he doesn't like in this scary socialist world. For the benefit of Sam, I'd like to offer him some advice. Take it or leave it, no skin off my nose. 1. Campaign for lowering the voting age. People like you prove that 16 years olds understand the electoral system, in some cases better than most adults. 2. Read more about how tax actually works. Sure lowering taxes sounds great. But there is a direct relationship between the free education your parents got, the reduction in taxes they're demanding now, and the cost you'll pay for your tertiary education. 3. Read a bit more about how other people your age around the world are dealing with life. The minute you see and start to acknowledge your own privilege the better you will be at political debate. 4. Get out more :) Look forward to seeing you on the platform in a few years time.


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