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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Yay the Bay

Aside from all the pensioners and christians I do rather love the Bay of Plenty. Especially since it cost me and my grandmother $3.20 to get a bus to Tauranga from the Mount. $3.20!! That is brilliant! Why aren't all bus services that cheap? If anyone's around these parts, there's some fantastic book sales in Tauranga shops at the moment. Sucks if you're travelling though, I wanted to buy heaps of books but I can't exactly carry them all... But I must say, the weather up here is such a treat. Especially after taking two days to get out of Wellington (fog grrr fog). Even though it's raining off and on, it's still lovely and warm. Aah, don't want to go back. It's sonice, I haven't even noticed the fact that I haven't read a paper or soon the news in days. In fact, someone could have blown up Parliament and it wouldn't have got anywhere near my radar. Aaah bliss. Back to the sun and my book...


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