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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Egad how long has it been!

Sorry anyone who got sick of looking at boring old posts. Although the conversation around the top 10 list got interesting briefly.

So the reason I've been absent from here is because I'm so bloody busy.

Finally got some work working for the Wilderness Society which I'm absolutely loving. I get to spend all day outdoors talking to people about environmental and all sorts of other political issues, and it's face to face so I'm actually engaging with people. Fantastic. And it's taking me around Victoria next week so I get to check out East Gippsland and other delightfully cool places like that.

However the major thing occupying my time is the Black GST Campaign. I'm actually in Canberra at the moment at the Tent Embassy, here for a few days to 'celebrate' Invasion Day. And to assure my crew bakc home, my Tino Rangatiratanga flag is flying high, they love it here.

It's quite nice to be checking out the Capital. Although, I was asleep when we arrived at 7 this morning so I have no idea what the place looks like except for Parliament, and this giant syringe tower thing they've got here. But the weather is lovely and the people are nice.

I'm currently hanging out doing some work in Parliament itself (yay the Greens) and it's pretty cool. The building is like this giant military style hobbit hole, it's great. And they actually have security here. Had about 15 people check my bags on the way in - X Ray machines and all. Although, I think that may have something to do with the fact that John Howard is about to deliver a major speech to the Press Club about racism in Australia.

More on that one later.

Anyway, back to work, supposed to be writing a press release.

Love you all.


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