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Friday, January 13, 2006

Racist questions cultural protocol

I see Mr PC Eradication man questioning the Golden Bay volunteer fire brigade signing a written agreement with local iwi to respect tikanga.

"I'm uneasy about the whole idea of a written protocol," he said. "It feels divisive, it separates people as opposed to bringing them together. These things ought to be resolved through dialogue." Mr Mapp said dialogue and sensitivity were "hugely important" and services like the police and coroners offices had learned that. "It has been an important part of building understanding, but to then formalise it. . . that just doesn't feel right to me."
So let me get this straight. Mr Mapp has no problem with people respecting each other, no problems with people trying to undertsand each other. He just has problems with them writing it down when they do? WTF? This is nothing other than out and out racism. Mr Mapp has attempted to gain political mileage out of story by taking a story which is about positive workings between different groups of people and objecting to it purely because the story involves tangata whenua. If the Golden Bay volunteer fire brigade signed an agreement with the local RSPCA about the protocols about rescuing animals, do you think Mr Mapp would have any objections? If the Golden Bay volunteer fire brigade wrote agreements with local car wreckers about what to do with wrecked vehicles, do you think Mr Mapp would have any objections about that? Of course not, it would be a sensible, practical thing to do. If you have an agreement with another organisation about how you will work together, you write it down and both parties sign it. Admit it Mr Mapp, the reason it 'feels' wrong is because it conflicts with your middle class, white male existence of ignoring the needs of others. I want to congratulate the Golden Bay volunteer fire brigade for their positive moves to work with their entire community. I have been involved in the process to develop a MoU before, and it is hard work. So congratulations on completing the MoU and thank you for all of your hard work looking after the people of Golden Bay.


At 1/14/2006 09:17:00 AM, Blogger span said...

maybe he doesn't want it in writing because of what happened last time (i.e. with the Treaty) - the bastards have been trying to hold us Pakeha to our word ever since - how dare they!


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