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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Easily spooked

So Nandor and Rod decided that they would welcome the President of Indonesia to Parliament by standing on the steps next to the red carpet with an Acheh flag and a West Papua flag. They weren't going to say anything or try and hug him or anything silly. Just a quiet, civilised, non-violent demonstration in support of the people of Acheh and West Papua. You can read their release here. So how funny was it to see the Prez get drive straight past the steps, round the corner and rush in through the back door! HA HA HA! Needless to say the Indonesian media weren't too impressed (took them a while to figure out what was going on) that they didn't get to get lots of pretty pictures. But they did interview Rod and Nandor extensively so that means it will be making the news there. Awesome stuff! But again wondering what the need for an extensive police force was, given today's media. I took pity on one of them cause he looked so bored so politely hassled him for a good ten minutes just to make him feel valued.


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