Bloggreen: December 2005

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Couple of new links

Slowly integrating myself into the Australian blogosphere... Here's a couple more nice people blogs; Slackbastard and Broken Left Leg Oh and went down to Wilsons Prom the other day and saw a Koala and her baby!!! My cousin took a photo..

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Well, I know what I'm doing new years eve...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Oh to be 16 again

More fun and games with the ol' Technorati search and I discover young Sam Bonner and his Socialist Free Haven. I'm impressed that someone that young is so politically aware. Pity about his analysis. But I was proud to be lumped in with Aaron Bhatnagar, Public Address, Tim Barnett and Tony Milne as the only blogs he doesn't like in this scary socialist world. For the benefit of Sam, I'd like to offer him some advice. Take it or leave it, no skin off my nose. 1. Campaign for lowering the voting age. People like you prove that 16 years olds understand the electoral system, in some cases better than most adults. 2. Read more about how tax actually works. Sure lowering taxes sounds great. But there is a direct relationship between the free education your parents got, the reduction in taxes they're demanding now, and the cost you'll pay for your tertiary education. 3. Read a bit more about how other people your age around the world are dealing with life. The minute you see and start to acknowledge your own privilege the better you will be at political debate. 4. Get out more :) Look forward to seeing you on the platform in a few years time.

Monday, December 12, 2005

What the?

Occaisionally I do a check on the ol Technorati to see who's been linking here and to see if anyone's actually discussing anything I've said. So I was quite surprised when I found this post over at Progressive Essays. Now I have to say, I am stunned and quite frankly offended at the gross assumption made by this person. I get an email one day from someone saying "hey, I've just got into the blogging thing, what do you think of my blog, have you got any tips?". So I had a quick look and emailed back something along the lines of "not bad, keep at it, be yourself etc", and chucked a link on my blog. I've had a couple of looks at the site since, and to be honest, haven't been terribly inspired by what I saw there and haven't been back in a while. So I was rather surprised to see this unsubstantiated post claiming that I support fascist ideology. Especially given the fact that I'm involved in anti-fascist activism. But oh well. I could go into a detailed analysis about why I am not a national socialist, but to be honest I cannot be fucked. I'm in Hobart, the sun is shinning and I'm better off outside having a life. As for the lovely person behind Progressive Essays. I suggest you spend a little bit more time on your 'experiment' before you come to conclusions about how people's politics and ethics extend into the way they structure their blog. You have missed the point. But good on you for noting that I don't split my blogroll into left and right. The reason for this? I don't believe in the concepts. My message to 'Assorted Ratbags'? Fuck off, get a life, grow up and have a nice day.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

An interesting analysis

I just found this article on the Ausssie Greens site. It's a pretty good summary of the Green campaign in NZ during the election.

Aussie politics update

Latest report from the fascist state of Australia. Last night they banned compulsory student unionism. That's right, banned it. No giving students the option or anything, just an outright ban. I think it's absolutely outright fucking outrageous, and I'm amazed the students of Australia haven't been more outraged by it all. The other piece of enlightened Australian news is that some federal government consultants just put out a report on the Aboriginal Tent Embassy that's been outside parliament in Canberra for the last 33 years. They have decided that the Embassy should move on and they're going to put a visitor information and education centre there instead. Deb Foskey from the Greens put it best:

"The living conditions of Indigenous people still trail so far behind those of other Australians; and Canberra people and visitors alike need to be reminded of the work still to be done" Dr Foskey said today. "This is a federal government which cannot tolerate living reminders of the inequalities in our society, even though it is increasing them." "The idea is that there will be an education centre there in place of the living Embassy. This is clearly a step towards a bureaucratised and sanitised centre that will allow residents and tourists alike to pretend that the struggle of Indigenous people in this country is a thing of the past." "It is a tragedy that Indigenous people need an Embassy in their own land - but until their human rights and entitlement to land are recognised, they do."
I was thinking about heading to Canberra soon with some of the Black GST crew to do some filming and I think now might just be a better time than ever. Finally, some Tasmanian news (I'm in Hobart at the moment).. One of the big international paper pulp companies has announced that they want to start bringing in three carriage trucks to get logs etc around the island because the train infrastructure is a bit fucked. This will require changes in legislation, and about $200 million in road upgrades. Even the head of the local Chamber of Commerce saw the blatant stupidity in this idea. He said what's the point in spending all that money and time when for the cost of about $80 you could just fix up the rail infrastructure. Well, yeah. If the local business people get it, let's hope the politicians do. But they're all a bit wack down here. The Greens have about a 20% support rate here but they are demonised way more than I've seen anywhere else. I was at a Green function last night and someone told me that they heard someone on the radio say that the Green Party has stopped people talking to their neighbours. Well, naturally, the Green Party having this maajor objection to the concept of community and all... But yeah it's mad. There's small towns here that won't serve you in any of the shops if you look remotely like a hippy. Bizarre. So I'm in Hobart until Wednesday. It's very pretty and I'm thinking about moving here, looking for jobs this afternoon! I'll put some pics and video up on the film site later. xox

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I found a cure!

As I posted a couple of days ago, I've been feeling a bit homesick. But I found a cure last night! Going to see my mates Cornerstone Roots play at the Northcote Social Club was so unbelievably cool! I spent the whole night grooving it out and I feel so much better now :) One of things I miss the most about being over here is what I would describe as the sound of home, and last night I got to hear it. Even hearing a 'tahi, rua, toru, wha' made me feel heaps happier. Thanks to Cornerstone, love you all to bits, look forward to the next gig. And all my crew in Melbourne, check them out next time, cause they're positively lovely.

Nice one Sue!

As reported on frog Sue Bradford's Minimum Wage (Abolition of Age Discrimination) Amendment Bill got drawn from the ballot today. That's the best bloody news I've heard in ages. As I've ranted about before, I think the idea of discriminating against someone based on their age is as abitrary as discriminating against someone based on what cuddles in between their thighs. I look forward to making a submission on this bill. As I assume it will pass its first reading. If the government doesn't support this bill, then they've completely sold out on their union roots.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Follow up on Mr Hide

I received a letter in response today from the Speaker in regards to my queries about how the Parliamentary expenditure rules apply to the spunky new car that Rodney Hide has gotten himself. Her reply is as follows:

7 December 2005 Dear ... I refer to your email from 1 December 2005 asking "…is using the parliamentary crest without the permission of the Speaker a breach of parliamentary spending rules?" Current requirements are that if members of Parliament use their member’s support allocation or parliamentary party leader’s office funding to advertise their services or activities on parliamentary business, that advertising material must display the parliamentary crest and include contact details. Advertising is defined as advertisements or information relating to the member’s or parliamentary political party’s activities when engaged on parliamentary business and includes, among other things, signage, such as that displayed on electorate offices, billboards, and member’s vehicles. On occasions, members pay the costs of advertising that meets the definition of parliamentary business personally. Current practice is that members may use the parliamentary crest in their correspondence, communication or advertising without seeking the express permission of the Speaker, provided that the correspondence, communication or advertising relates to parliamentary business. If you wish to obtain information on this matter in the future, please contact the Office of the General Manager, Parliamentary Service, 04 471-9435. Hon Margaret Wilson MP SPEAKER
So, it seems that what he did was legit in regards to the rules. But I would argue that the rules are a bit iffy. I think it's a bit dodgy that people cannot tell by that Crest if parliamentary money has gone towards their thing (whatever it may be). So I ask how is the public able to hold politicians accountable for the appropriate spending of their money? Hmm, what do other people think? Is this worth caring about?

Thanks Ken

I was sad to read that one of my favourite bloggers Ken Sain is retiring from blogging due to work demands. Well, aint that a shit? Thanks for all your info Ken. It was nice to have an easy access to information about what the US Greens are all about. Hope you get liberated some time. Good luck for the job. xox

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I just have to share this with the world... I really miss home. My whanau had a big gathering in the weekend to celebrate an important event and I was the only one missing. It was pretty hard for me. It was even harder this morning when I got sent some photos of all my whanau hanging out. But what just made things really hard was walking into the Kathmandu shop in Melbourne and they were playing Based on a True Story by Fat Freddy's Drop. I've just had the biggest cry. Sniff

Monday, December 05, 2005


Cool title huh? That's my average hourly wage since I got here. It's quite odd earning $40 an hour one moment and then $10 an hour the next. But it's better than nothing. I just hope the number of hours that contribute towards that figure increase themselves somewhat. I've found some pretty cool jobs to apply for and have applied for a number of jobs so far. I've got one in particular that I really want to get, so any of you out there that believe in positive thinking, send some karmic vibes out to the universe for me please! But in the meantime of looking for jobs, I've found plenty of things to do to keep me occupied. I was helping the Black GST crew with their Black Comedy gig yesterday, and it was an absolute riot! Met heaps of cool people and it was positively delightful to spend an afternoon in the sun, drinking beer and laughing about the utter bullshit that is colonisation! And I'm off to Tassie next weekend for some film work. I am really excited about going cause I'm dying to check out the Tasmanian forests. I'm also going to catch up with some people I haven't seen in ages. So yay me! Progress is fun. I have a TFN on its way, set up an aussie bank account, nearly found somewhere to live and jobs are starting to trickle. And someday soon I'm going to have a day off...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy Independence Day West Papua!

West Papua Flag
Originally uploaded by kakariki.
Today is Independence Day in West Papua. For those of you who don't know, they have a rather Indonesian form of Independence, so fill in the gaps there. Or check out the PMA release for more info.

The truth please Mr Hide

I see Mr Hide has a new vehicle and he has gone and confused the masses by putting a Parliamentary Crest on it. Now, hmmm... The Parliamentary Crest (PC) is a registered image. It is registered to the Crown it can only be used for Parliamentary resources. So it can be used on letterheads and security badges and visitor stickers and all sorts of things like that. What it means is that the Speaker of the House has approved parliamentary money to be spent on whatever article or item the crest is attached to. And there are very strict rules as to how the crest is allowwed to be used which Rodney has alluded to. One of the functions of the PC is to indicate to the public that something that has come from a political party has been funded by money from the taxpayer. This is a very important function of this logo, particularly in an election year when political party spending is under a lot of political and legal scrutiny. So for Mr Hide to use this logo and claim that it's just because it looks cool raises a number of questions for me. a) What the hell definition of cool is he using? b) Is he lying? c) Is using the PC without the permission of the Speaker a breach of parliamentary spending rules? Firstly, lets look at Rodney's justification:

I stuck the crest on because it looks cool, I am the MP for Epsom, and I’m proud of it! Besides, to even begin to fit within the rules the crest would have to be comparable in size and prominence to the ACT logo on the car’s front.
I am going to ignore the point that the crest looks cool, because it obviously isn't.. But he is right, the crest would have to be comparable in size to the ACT logo. I'm not sure I agree with him on that point. According to these images the crest on the back and the logo on the front appear to be the same size, which complies with the rules. Secondly, I asked is he lying. The reason I do this is because I can't see for the life of me why someone would chose to confuse the public and put a crest on something that hasn't used taxpayer funds to purchase. The deep cynic in me is wondering if Mr Hide did pay for it with taxpayer funds and then realising how hypocrytical that is, decided to pay for it himself so he didn't have the proverbial egg-face thing going on. Thirdly, and more seriously I ask if it is legit to use the PC without the authority of the Speaker. As a (former) member of the NZ tax paying public, I expect that when I see a PC, I know that taxpayer funds have been spent on an item that is deemed appropriate by the administrators of the rules of the Parliamentary Service. If any member of the public, be they a Member of Parliament or not, uses the PC without permission to do so, I would think that is getting close to a fraudulent act. It is certainly impersonating an authority which must be against some rule somewhere. I am going to write to both Mr Hide and The Speaker for clarification of this issue, and I will post their responses on here when I receive them. Finally, I would like to congratulate Mr Hide for chosing such a responsible vehicle to drive. I understand it is a highly economical, fuel-efficient car and it's from a NZ company (their website doesn't clarify if it's made here or not) so I would like to commend Mr Hide for supporting good business!