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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Big Hole With Bulldozer

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It seems that Dr Don can't seem to help himself at the moment and KEEPS SAYING DUMB SHIT. So to further his campaign for political irrelevance, here's my early christmas present. This should be easier to climb into as well.

Deep digging yourself Don, I'm loving it.

Support Democracy

This came over the email today. I am appalled at the attitude taken by this man. I hope members of Grey Power will stand up and demand that the Maori Party be included in this debate.

The Maori Party is angry at being locked out of a political meeting by Grey Power North Shore president Alan McCulloch. Mr McCulloch says the reason is that he has "no interest in racial separatism". East Coast Bays Maori Party candidate Rahuia Kapa says Mr McCulloch's comments are "insensitive and inappropriate". Ms Kapa urges Mr McCulloch to rethink his decision. She says Warkworth Grey Power has invited the Maori Party to its political meeting. The party is inclusive and does not have separatist attitudes, Ms Kapa says. It has non-Maori candidates and its supporters are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, she says. Candidates from five other political parties, plus an independent candidate, are expected to attend the meeting in Northcote next Friday but Mr McCulloch says they're not interested in hearing from the Maori Party. Party representation became an issue this month when the High Court ruled TV3 had to include two extra political leaders in its election debate. Mr McCulloch says a survey nine months ago found about 92 percent of North Shore Grey Power members believed the country should stop dividing itself into Maori and non-Maori. "Our people are patently not interested in that nonsense," he says. "We really invited people to come who will be of interest to our members and say things of significance. "We have far more Koreans on the North Shore than we have Maoris." Mr McCulloch says when people keep telling kids they've been robbed and cheated and the world owes them a living they start to believe it. He says separatist attitudes are leading to an increasing number of Maori in prison. Mr McCulloch is a former president of One New Zealand and stood for the party in 2002 as its East Coast Bays candidate. He says he's no longer with the party. He is also a former mayor of East Coast Bays and was a North Shore councillor. In 2002 he ignored a request from Grey Power New Zealand's then president John Jefferson to stand down as the organisation's North Shore president during the election campaign. Mr Jefferson also urged Mr McCulloch not to chair a political leaders debate in 2002. Mr McCulloch stood his ground, saying it was a North Shore matter. The Grey Power North Shore political meeting is on August 26 at 1pm at the Netball North Harbour centre in Northcote Rd. ***************************************** MAORI PARTY EMAIL FOLLOWS... Many of you will be aware of the article that was in the North Shore Times last week (dated 19 August, Friday) where Mr Alan McCulloch, President of the North Shore Grey Power Association makes comments on Maori and on the Maori Party. His views, I would regard, as generally very divisive. He indicates in the article that Maori Party representation is not required (or invited) or more to the point, not even welcome to attend a meeting of NS Grey Power being held this Friday!! To sum it up we have been shut out in a very undemocratic way and as far as we are aware, the only Party to have been singled out in this manner!! The Maori Party has decided to make a strong, peaceful presence outside this meeting. Details are as follows DATE: 26th August, Friday VENUE: North Shore Netball Courts, Northcote Rd, Northcote. (If you are coming from over the Bridge it is the Northcote Rd turnoff). The netball courts are on the left of the off-ramp as you come off the motorway – you can’t miss them!! TIME: 12.15 – 1.00pm If you wish to support this ‘kaupapa’ please be aware that: OUR PRESENCE IS ONE OF ‘DIGNITY AND GRACE’ AS WE MUST ENDEAVOUR TO UPHOLD THE MANA OF THE MAORI PARTY. OUR BEHAVIOUR MUST REFLECT THE CONTEXT OF OUR PRINCIPLES WHICH INCLUDE MANAAKITANGA (Respect), KOTAHITANGA (Unity), MANA WHENUA (Our place to stand) AND RANGATIRATANGA (Self-determination). WE MUST REMEMBER THAT THIS IS THE VIEW OF ONE MAN (ALTHOUGH) HE INDICATES IT IS THE VIEW OF MANY WITHIN THE GREY POWER ORGANISATION. TO DATE I AM NOT AWARE OF OTHERS COMING OUT TO PUBLICLY SUPPORT HIS VIEW. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT THE MEMBERSHIP OF THIS GROUP ARE ELDERLY!! SO THE NEED FOR OUR BEHAVIOUR NOT TO BE SEEN AS INTIMIDATING, INSENSITIVE OR INAPPROPRIATE IN ANY WAY IS A ‘MUST’. MANY OF THIS GENERATION HAVE A STRONG SENSE OF FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE, AND I FEEL OUR PRESENCE WILL CHALLENGE THEIR CONSCIENCE IN THIS RESPECT. MEDIA PRESENCE IS ALSO VERY LIKELY SO THE MANNER IN WHICH WE CONDUCT OURSELVES IS PARAMOUNT!! We are well aware that our Maori candidates once in parliament will be ‘our voice’…..but right NOW, in our community we need to be that ‘voice’!! We need to send a very strong, clear message that this sort of verbal and destructive behaviour whether it be directed at Maori or any other group of people (ethnic or otherwise) is not acceptable and will not be tolerated!! Please come and support us if you believe in this ‘kaupapa’…..bring all the whanau!! Invite along your PI friends, Pakeha friends, Asian friends, all of your friends……..this stand is not just about ‘us’ but is about ‘us all’.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Remember the War?

A whole lot of people I've been talking to recently seem to have forgotten that the USA is still wagin an illegal war in Iraq. Sorry folks, it's still going on. Thousands of Iraqi people are still dying because a certain global superpower has an insatiable appetite for oil. But awesome to see the protest movement having another swell at the moment around Cindy, a mother who wants to talk to Bush about her son dying in Iraq. The photo above was from one of the many protests across the US and the world. It's from this awesome photo set at Dee's Dotes. Ask yourself, how much oil have I used today? And even better for those of you who hate to recycle plastic, how much oil have you thrown in the ground today?

What a wimp

I am absolutely horrified at Don's pathetic justification of his performance on the Leaders Debate last night. I mean, c'mon! What century is he living in? He restrained himself because Helen is a woman? What I am wondering is what he actually hopes to achieve by this statement. Hypotheses as follows: 1) He genuinely thought that people would respect him if he showed tolerance towards women being in positions of power. Possible, he does seem to have Montgomery Burns type attitudes towards gender. Although if he thought that this would be a good strategy then it shows how out of touch he is with the electorate. 2) He was so embarrased by his performance he thought it would be a good excuse. More likely and shows his complete political naievity. If you don't think you performed too well, keep your mouth shut. Don't try and justify yourself, EVER. Especially if you want to be a National Party Prime Minister. 3. He actually meant it. And he actually decided to be nice to her because she's a woman. Highly unlikely cause that would have come out as an excuse earlier. And if he did actually mean it I think he's going to have some serious issues trying to convince even National Party women that he's worth having a conversation with ever again. But really, I can't figure it out logically. I think he's just stupid. I see this as another example of the electorate to see just how backwards in his thinking this man actually is. No way in hell would I want him as PM. Three years of him bumblibng about the world trying to represent this nation? Stuff that, I'd rather have George Bush.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Is that actually any better?

Is that actually any better?
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So ACT change their billboard to meet their obligations under the Electoral Act. But really? Is it any different? I think the only difference is that it makes them look even more desperate than they already were...

Photo credit Cameron Burnell

UFOs vs reality

At bfm you can find Russell Brown interviewing Nandor and Dr Richard Goode on drug policy. Rather entertaining interview. This was of course, in response to UFO's spack-out earlier this week about what sort of unpredicatibility we will be getting ourselves into if the Greens are in power. This is of course opposed to the continuing sense of Peter and his posse, who insist on talking about fictional drugs and contradicting themselves. Seriously, what are they on? Peter Dunne wants to make cannabis a bottom line in this election. He is ignoring all evidence including his own submissions to parliament in defending prohibition as a workable policy. Sure, that's why we have the highest youth cannabis use rates in the western world even though we have the second highest rate of enforcement? Dr Fred Fastier, a pharmacologist who was heavily involved in the creation of the Misuse of Drugs Act said it will either work, or fail badly, and we must ensure the legislation is reviewed. Well, it failed badly, and we still haven't had a decent review of the Act. And it's about time we did.

"Future of Food" FREE SCREENING

What: FREE screening of 'The Future of Food' hosted by Green MP Sue Kedgley When: 4pm Sunday 21 August Where: Aro Valley Community Hall, Aro Street Sue Kedgley will introduce the film, and answer questions afterwards. 'The Future of Food' was a hit at the recent Film Festival, and explores the GE food industry in North America and proposes safer and healthier alternatives. More details at Future of Food Contact Quentin on 381-4640 if any queries.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

New fun game

Heard about through a friend. It's an opinion gauging site for election and political issues. What I liked about it is the fact that you see how your opinions reflect other participants reactions as you go. Interesting. I'd like to see how well this gets picked up by voters and politicians. Give it a go!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Yay Scoop

Brilliant advertisement! Made me chuckle and go "yeah, stick it to the man! woohoo!"

A mighty kahikatea has fallen

I couldn't think of a more apt description of Kevin. For those of you how knew Kevin Smith, the first thing that you will remember is his delightful cynicysm. But the other thing you remember is a man with a heart and soul bigger than any you will ever meet. Kevin Smith, current advisor to Chris Carter and former head of Forest and Bird passed away suddenly yesterday, while out cycling. Kevin will be remembered by many as for being a ruthless lobbyist, a deep cynic, having a biting sense of humour but most of all a tremendous vision as to how we can live sustainably on this planet. I remember one day running into Kevin on the street and asking him how he was doing and he relpied "oh, you know, selling my soul to the devil". This was typical of Kevin, always realistic of the state of the world but with a steady resolve to do his bit to make it a better place for our children and grandchildren. For me, I will remember Kevin as partner and wonderful support to my dear friend Tania. The relationship those two share is truly inspirational and it pains me to think how hard this must be for her. But I know that loving family, friends and colleagues will be there to support her, I will certainly be among them. So I say goodbye and thank you to a great man, an inspirational man, and a man who made a real difference to the protection of this land. Whaia e koe ki te iti kahurangi ki te tuohu koe me Maunga Teitei Toitu he whenua Whatungarongaro he tangata

Jesus this is brilliant

Listen to Winston lose the plot on bfm. Priceless. This is what happens when a real journalist who doesn't sit around Pickwicks bar adoring Winston gets an interview. Big ups to Noelle.

Public meetings to check out

Andrew Wilkie the AXIS OF DECEIT speaking tour Hear Andrew Wilkie – the Iraq war whistle-blowing Australian intelligence analyst – speak on Why New Zealand shouldn't be Bush and Howard's ally AUCKLAND, Wednesday August 24, 8 p.m. Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn WELLINGTON, Friday August 26, 7:30 p.m. St John's Hall, cnr Dixon and Willis Sts CHRISTCHURCH, Monday August 29, 7:30 p.m. Oxford Terrace Baptist Church Lounge cnr Oxford Tce and Madras St Wellington only: Book signing, Saturday August 27, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m., Unity Books, 57 Willis St Have your copy of Axis of Deceit signed by Andrew. Meetings hosted by Green MP Keith Locke Andrew Wilkie was the senior transnational intelligence analyst in Australia's Office of National Assessments in 2002 and early 2003, dealing with the intelligence being gathered on Iraq, and providing reports to the government. He resigned from the ONA in March 2003 and went public with his concerns that John Howard's government was manipulating and distorting the intelligence for political reasons. He stands by the assertions he made at the time - that Iraq did not pose a serious enough threat to justify a war, that too many things could go wrong, and that it was bad policy to resort to force so long as alternative options remained. He thinks that they have all been proven accurate. In June 2004 his book Axis of Deceit was published. It is an account of the reasons for his resignation, including why and how ONA's work was being manipulated for political purposes. In October 2004 he stood for the Green Party against John Howard in the federal election. He won 16.5% of the vote and made Howard's formerly blue-ribbon seat marginal. Andrew continues to research, write and speak out against the dangers of getting to close to the US and helping implement its foreign and defence policies. He is especially concerned that Australia's closeness to the US is now putting NZ at risk, and has come to NZ at this time to warn about the dangers of being too close to Howard and Bush.

Monday, August 15, 2005

What the Sam Hill is going on?

It appears that United Future has lost the plot. Not sure what's going on but for a sensible common-sense party, they are getting rather loopy. First of all Mr Dunne delivered a speech to the Wellington Rotary club today claiming that it's all doom and gloom with a Green/Labour or NZ First/Labour coalition. In this speech he claims:

He said if a Labour/Greens coalition comes to power: - No new roads will be built, with gridlock in Auckland and Wellington crippling those cities and the regional economies. - Cannabis will be legalised and pseudo methamphetamine or “P” downgraded as a serious drug. - There will be even more social engineering and politically correct social legislation. - New taxes will be introduced on foods considered to be unhealthy. - Nandor Tanczos will sit in Cabinet as Attorney-General. - If a National/New Zealand First takes office, Mr Dunne said: - Tax cuts will be gone by lunchtime. - Immigration will be based on the colour of a person’s skin, rather than the skills and qualifications they possess. - There will be racial tension and social division. - The government will be paralysed by divisions over its leadership. - There will be an election in 18 months.
Now I have to say he's probably reasonably accurate with the NZ First predictions that it would be unstable but I bet Labour wouldn't let it go as far as the first few points. But as for his rant about the Greens, sure there might not be any more roads built in Auckland or Wellington but there will be a massive investment in public transport which WILL deal with congestion issues in the long run. Then he claims (again) that the Greens will legalise cannabis even though it isn't Green policy and it is far from what Nandor has been proposeing in his Private Members Bill which incidentally, isn't too different to what the United Future Party submission to the Health Select Committee Inquiry into Cannabis said. And as for downgrading "pseudo methamphetamine" what the hell is he on about? It isn't even a drug!! And I for one am amused that he thinks Nandor will be AG. If anyone from the Greens is going to get that position it would be likely to be Metiria since she has a law background. But as a Green I'm flattered to think he wants to promote us into high-ranked cabinet posts. But Jeanette for Minister of Energy will be fine thanks. Then it gets better. United Future launched their Health Policy today. Frog has the details. The cute bit is that it's the same as the Green policy launched yesterday! Then it gets even better. Paul Adams is announcing today that he is not running as a United Future candidate. Instead he will be running as an independent. It is expected that his daughter, Sheree Adms will follow the same path. Mr Adams is expected to make an announcement about it all this afternoon. Rumours are abound of course, the lead rumour that he is disgruntled by the Outdoor Wreckreation hijacking of the party list and the drop in prioritisation of 'Christian values' by United Future. But we shall see what comes out this afternoon. And for those that are wondering Sam Hill was a champion of roads. He he.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

End of an era

For those of you who haven't heard, David Lange passed away last night. The last of our great public speakers, he will always be remembered for his fantastic oratory. And of course the great Oxford debate. He didn't have an easy time as PM and some seriously crap stuff went down when he was in charge but at least he was nice. Not like the previous wanker. Although Mr Lange never played the Narrator... I'm sure better tributes will flow from people who were alive/not in primary school when he was PM. But wanted to say on ya mate to David and arohanui to his family.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

10, no make that 11, things I like

I'm now going to indulge in a moment of positivity 1. Fake Jewish fables 2. The Feminist Conspiracy in action 3. Stupid Nazi kids going down for DUMB ASS SHIT 4. Midnight getting lolly cake, oh yes, lolly cake :o) 5. Elections - yes I know I'm sick, but they are fun. 6. Asher - cause he said that if I didn't put him here, he'd stop being my friend 7. Gigs at the Cake Shop 8. The West Coast 9. Hot Lemon and Honey drinks 10. All Blacks dealing with homophobia (That doesn't mean I like rugby, for the record) 11. Celebrating great protests

Friday, August 12, 2005

ACT Billboard

ACT Billboard
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I've been pretty amused by the symetry of these two billboards. And I have captured it for you all for posterity since ACT have indeed broken the rules and will be taking all of these down.
Photo credit Cameron Burnell

Leaders debate - brought to you by REAKTOR!

Sorry this took awhile, I got a bit verbose as you can see... So we finally have a decision on having the little boys on and I was rather entertained by the placement that they got. But to the debate itself. I got to sit around watching it with a bunch of Greenies and anarchists, which was almost as entertaining as the debate. John Campbell is one of my favourite TV presenters, as he is smart and rather witty. But her was particularly crap at explaining the worm. Apparently it's like 'high tech applause'. And it's not a worm, it's a Reaktor! Righty. So here's my blow by blow analysis. The first round was designed to check out their leadership style, and what they think are the qualities of a leader. The order was drawn out of a hat (plastic viking hat apparently) and Dr Don went first. And Brash fucks up on the first sentence. He tried to say a good leader is one that listens but it came out 'a good listener uh uh uh leader uh uh listener, is a leader that listens' or something like that. He did recover from that blunder and actually managed to discuss his vision for the country, which is a big step forward from last year when he was asked what his vision was and he couldn't answer (think he was still looking to the early 90s for vision then). I didn't see the Reaktor during that bit cause someone was in the way. Next up was Jeanette (looking gorgeous by the way, darling!) who talked about progress being about more than making money, it's about cleaning up our rivers, cleaning up our air etc. She was obviously well prepared and practised and came across really good. Reaktor was steadily moving up the whole way through. Then we had Rodney (we'll be back after the elction, I promise) Hide talking about tax cuts *shock, horror* and the end to PC, which the Reaktor did react rather well to. But it was one of the rare times in the deabte that the Reaktor liked negativity. Jimbo got his turn and bored everyone to death. His speech was a lot of "I've been here forever and done all this wonderful stuff" but considering that there is still noone who kows what party he is in even after he changed the name *again* I'm not sure if it was a successful strategy. The Reaktor flatlined and then went down. Then we got to see a real leader when Helen took the stage. Have to say she's got the presidential style down pat. All the stuff I have heard about how to engage with tv to come across like a good leader, Helen does like a pro. She talked about strong leadership and experience (ie I've got it, Don hasn't) and the Reaktor kept on going up. Next up was Tariana and boy she looked nervous. She started by talking about a vision of a nation founded on Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Reaktor screamed and burrowed down as fast as it could) and then started talking about family Talked about people. Line plummeted but then went up, steady just above the line. Then we got the supposed 'worm-master' Peter Dunne. Talked about commonsense straight away and then rambled on about family values. The Reaktor liked it. Finally we get to hear from Winston and he started talking about what leadership is about, but didn't say if he actually fitted that description. Reaktor was pretty steadily high for that. And then he talked about getting punished by his dad and the Reaktor dropped down. Ad break! doo dee doo We came to the next round which was the number one issue facing NZ and what each party is planning to do about it. Don first and he surprises us all by talking about Education. He went on and on about all the problems of the education system - Reaktor goes up, and up. But he neglected to say what National was going to do about it. Absolutely no policy excpet right at the end he said he's going to 'get things right'. What ever that means. John Campbell hit him up about tax cuts with a noble yet tokenistic attempt to get the National tax policy out of him. Don tried to take the opportunity, but John cut him off and moved on to the others. Peter went next - Stated some numeracy and literacy targets which the Reaktor liked, but then he mentioned 'mind changing' which elicited an amusing response amongst the people I was with, and a dip with Reaktor. Reaktor was pretty high through out. Tariana had a go and talked about the problems with Maori getting their basic educaiton in prison which the Reaktor didn't seem to get. But then when she talked about how to prevent this from happening ie investment in tertiary, debt, and the end to older generations ripping off younger generations, the Reaktor liked that. Jeanette (with a beaming grin) spelt out Green Party policy of addressing the causes of debt, fees, lack of Universal Living Allowance, 1 years work for one years debt and the Reaktor shot up. John interjected about cost and the Reaktor had a moment of hesitation but when she explained the accounting implications the Reaktor seemed satisfied and wiggled up again. Peter got asked about it and he said that it was one of the few areas the Greens agreed, called it 'common sense' even. Much to the amusement of our audience and to the approval of Reaktor. Don then slagged off Labour policy and Reaktor dipped below line. Tried the whole line about students borrowing money for the hell of it, the Reaktor obviously didn't buy that at all. He did gain ground by talking tax cuts agin, but not enough. Helen had her go on student support said their policy is good for New Zealand, and listed some of the positive impacts, Reaktor really likes and goes up. She was 'thrilled with policy' (which she should be since she promised us all in 1995 that if Labour got in we'd get a Universal Student Allowance pfft). Winston the proceeded to slag off labour policy as bribe, Reaktor glared at him. He mentioned that the cause of debt needs to be addressed and mentioned their student allowance policy. But he wasn't clear enough on that and Reaktor didn't really get it. Rodney tried the line that if you make it easier to borrow they'll borrow more, which was a silly move if you were able to see Reaktor, but understandable if you weren't. Tax cuts will fix it was his line, and he was clever to mention that tax cuts affects all New Zealanders, not just students. Said the number one isssue is to make people 'proud and prosperous'. Again Reaktor likes a bit of vision and positivity. Anderton then got questioned about his position on tax cuts and he tried to justify it, Reaktor went to sleep, literally, the line just flatlined. Rodney then claimed credit for Progressive policy on tax, much to the amusement of John and the audience. John said that it was incredible to see ACT and the Progressives agreeing on something and said 'something beautiful is happening here'. Reaktor liked that but it wasn't supposed to be judging John! John then asked which parties didn't support cutting the corporate tax rate. Jeanette and Helen proudly raised their hands so John got them to justify their positions. Helen - no cause we want companies to invest in New Zealand. Most important issue is the economy because of jobs and she raved about how great the economy is - Reaktor not interested much in that explanation, bit too complicated and boring. Don leapt in and explained that the economy is bouyant because of exports, not government, Reaktor looks blankly at him too, obviously bored with economy. Then for some strange reason John rewards Winston for good beahviour and lets him have ago on the tx thing. His argument that tax cuts are important but so is critical social investment, stats, stats, keyword, keyword, Reaktor goes way up. But again, no policy statement. Finally John lets Jeanette respond on tax and she changes tack completely and talks about what we're taxing, ie we're taxing the things we like (work) and not taxing the things we don't like (pollution). Jeanette mentioned more policy specifically cutting the tax off the first $5000 of income, and eco tax. To encourage clean business and discourage dirty business was the mantra and the Reaktor really dug that. She also talked about the golbal energy crisis. Which resulted in the panel indulging in the only bit of poking fun at the Greens regarding bike riding, Peter Dunne actually got a laugh when he slagged the Greens off, not a surprise there. Winston then had another go on the 'kiwi way of life' Reaktor didn't reakt at all, he talked about criminals and police and the line went up. But then when he got onto the 'interferring government', Reaktor went back to sleep. Key word, key word didn't work that time. He finally picked up a bit of traction with foreign asset sales. Talked in particular about Labour asset sales (Telecom key word, Reaktor up). That got John started on asset sales and he first turned to Don Brash. And this is where it got funny. Don says "Not in the next term" Helen says "I read the National Party policy and it says they will look to sell farms owned by Landcorp, and open up private shareholding into Solid Energy." (Reaktor sits up and takes notice) Don tried and failed to justify himself "it's just a few wee farms" and the Reaktor sent evil laser beams out of its eyes (see picture above to realise how scary that is) and sizzled him on the spot. He then tried to justify himself further! and Reaktor leapt across the room and ground his ashes into the carpet. Bad dude, bad. Anderton jumped in to defend Solid Energy and was his most lively for the night, actually stepped away from the monotone, albeit briefly. Helen jumped on the yay us bandwagon and brags about buying back the railway track, and gets some rare applause. And then Peter spoilt all of the fun by getting boring again. I didn't even pay attention to what he was saying it was so boring. Something about family I think. I did hear him mention income-splitting which made Reaktor perk up, as did talking about anti-PC keywords. Then he got onto the environment and talked abuot how you can't save the environment with lots of red tape. (aside - our audience rolled around on the floor entertained with the UFO party's determination to protect the environment so we can all drive all over it with our SUVs - he he) John gave Jeanette an opportunity to respond so she took advantage and talked about UFO's voting record on protecting rivers (which isn't very environmentally friendly by the way). Tariana then got a go on her issue and chose children and poverty - Reaktor must like the kids cause it went up for her for first time. Reaktor also liked her policy of a tax reduction for those earning under $25k p/a and tax credits for children. But any gain Tariana made then was snatched by Helen as she jumps in with a big brag about Working for Families. Winston claims WFF is an illusion and got quite nasty. He still doesn't know that Reaktor doesn't like negativity, and it plummets again for him. Brash and Hide then got put on the defensive by John and asked about how come tax cuts are always going to disproportianately affect rich people. Hide went forst and went for the flat denial apprach - want people to keep what they earn. Brash said yay for tax cuts - John tries again to get the tax policy out of National. Didn't work. And he said something really weird about preschool children getting student loans under National. I'm sure it was a mistake, but you never can tell with that lot. Jeanette finally gets a go on her number one issue but she takes a moment to resopnd to previous discussion and drops in MORE POLICY: increasing the minimum wage to $12, Universal Child Benefit, but then says the most important issue has to be energy. She talked about the issues (eg climate change), and the impacts on our daily lives (eg power prices), and then talked solutions (eg smarter energy use) and Reaktor grew robot wings and flew off the chart. That was definitely Jeanette's biggest win of the night. John then turned on the other parties and questioned their lack of priority on these issues. Helen steps up to that one and claims the 'slightly too hard basket' defence but said they like RE. She also talked about conventional energy sources eg coal and Reaktor glares (of course Reaktor is conscious that its very existence comes from coal and has guilt about this. Don't worry, is seeing a counsellor). John is nice to Rodney and gives him an opportunity to discuss their polluter pays policy. He said you can't have a clean environment with lots of regulation. It needs to be polluter pays. (Another aside, I was shocked that ACT have a polluter pays policy, but it's true. I wonder when they'll actually apply it to parliamentary decision making. Oh that's right, never, they're not coming back are they?) Jeanette then ever-so-politely pointed out that polluter pays is what Kyoto is all about but ACT don't support that, hmm. Winston pulled out that plant a billion trees trees policy and Reaktor finally decided to like him a bit. Anderton then killed everyone's fun and started talking about the reasons why he chose to be Minister of Economic Development and the Reaktor and everyone who I was in the room with went to sleep. Seriously, Reaktor didn't reakt for a whole minute! But then he got a wee bit lively and said Brash then started ranting about losing 600 kiwis a week overseas, Reaktor again, doesn't like the negative stuff. Helen rebuts with the old "more people went to Australia when Nat's were in govt, than now" line and started talking about a 'brain exchange.' and Reaktor liked that heaps more. Winston FINALLY pulls out the third world card, and whined about 'us' being replaced with 'them' and Reaktor didn't really react at all. Which was very interesting. Finally we stopped talking about the greater picture and got down to the nitty-gritty "Who Would You Work With". I'll cut this short cause their blabbing was exactly that. Dunne - can work with Labour (stern face), or Nats (winks and cute smiles at Don), it's the voters choice. Tariana - voters will chose, set a deadline of 7 days to go back to electorates for guidance. This stunned the Reaktor and probably the panelists too. Seemingly unheard of concept, but in her constituency it would probably be a piece of piss. Helen - likes Jim, UF and the Greens. And made point to say she appreciated Winston's help on the Foreshore and Seabed Act *cough*confiscation*cough* Jeanette - Greens are straight up with voters can work with Labour on policy, no way will they work with Nat's. Winston - anyone apparently, Reaktor and panel openly laughed at him. Then he abused both major parties, Reaktor sat down and had a rest. Brief aside while they talked about the National position on nuclear. Brash affirmed that no change in anti-nuke legislation would be made without a referendum. And he was pushed into saying that they're not currently planning on holding one. Brash - any party that shares values of National. Three parties they could talk to, UF, maybe Winston, ACT. John then asked if Brash wanted people to give their party vote to ACT to keep them in parliament so he'd have a friendly potential coalition partner. His brian went 'yes, yes!!!!' and his training went "No John, Party Vote National". Reaktor seems to hve a programming error against those key words cause it went down again. ACT - Nat's can't do it alone. Jim - Labour, and then he claims to works well with others and isn't divisive, the Greenies I was sharing a room with pissed their pants hysterically at that, and I'm sure anyone who was ever a member of the Alliance did too, even Reaktor had a wee chuckle. And again the Reaktor monitor flatlined. Finally we get to the closing statements in reverse order from the opening statements. Winston was up first and bombed. He pulls out his 5 issues (yes it's not three this time) But in his whole statement, didn't tell us what they were. Reaktor held its breath (as did my buddies) witing but nothing. He was unbelievably crap. Peter - Small party that makes things work, key word, key word, Reaktor got the warm fuzzies. Tariana - pulled out Te Tiriti o Waitangi again and Reaktor plummets (not a Treaty aware robot, only gets the three laws, and Tariana never recovers. Jim - Track record, key word, key word, (takes credit for Laila's work) Reaktor swallows it. Helen was a at her best here. Talks about strong stable government, experienced leadership, strong economy, investment in the future, Nuclear Free, not sending people to war's that New Zealnders don't support *cough*Afghanistan*cough* and Reaktor loves her, roses are thrown. Helen for President etc. Rodney went for the last ditch attempt on the bossy boots government, Reaktor didn't like that much. And didn't believe his plea that you need to vote ACT for a change of government. Jeanette talked about a future of warm homes, clean air and water, healthy food, debt-free graduates, and saving the animals. Went a bit far on that last bit and Reaktor stalled (not being a fluffy animal itself) but was generally impressed at the vision. Don - Talked the issues and Reaktor liked it, but the second he said Party Vote National Reaktor turned aruond and walked out of the room. Last but not least John Campbell did a lovely wind-up and said thanks to everyone for Giving a Damn! Debate awards according to me and Reaktor Winners - Jeanette for talking policy and staying positive the whole way through. And Helen for proving that she kicks Don's ass any day of the week. Losers - Don for being totally unconvincing and making major blunders and Winston for being too negative and not knowing how to be friends with Reaktor. I won't make Tariana a loser cause it wasn't her key audience. But she does need some serious media training!! And finally a piece of advice to the leaders: Student debt is obviously a big issue with voters and those leaders who don't know their student support policy inside out better learn it pretty damn quick. Forgot to add. NRT has a good roundup of the blogospherical analysis here, OK I'll stop now.

Now this is clever

Quick ring 0800 DONBRASH Now that's clever. he he he And I should note this is Labour propoganda, and while I wouldn't want to encourage the spread of this, Labour should really be encouraged for having a decent sense of humour occaisionally. It's not often we see it. In fact, I think this may be a first... Update Frog blog is reporting that the number is overloading due to popularity, therefore you should listen to it here.

Rocky Horror Rod

Rod Donald flew through the 'Tron and got a wee bit intimate with Riff Raff. Great picture and rather amusing article here. Smattered with delicious in-jokes!

Revolutionary bovine humour

Those of you who are Tom Lehrer fans will love Flash animation of the classic Cows With Guns.

It's the global economy stupid

Another public meeting to go to Free Market Slavery or Fair Trade & Buy NZ Made?" Rod Donald MP Green Party Co-Leader Luci Highfield Service & Food Workers Union New Zealand is at a crossroads. Labour wants free trade with China. The Green alternative is fair trade and Buy NZ made. You be the judge! 7.30pm Monday 15th August Evans Bay Intermediate School Hall 14 Kemp Street, Kilbirnie

Thursday, August 11, 2005

High Court decision!

Breaking news kids The High Court has ordered TV3 to include Anderton and Dunne in on the leaders debate tonight. I think this is a good thing. Although, I'd be interested to see the arguments that Anderton was using. I'm not terribly convinced about him being on there. And I must say, sympathies to the crew at TV3, they must be a wee bit stressed now. Set design.. scripts.. make up timing etc.. Bugger.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Duh what's a constitution?

I actually had a police detective ask me that once, which I found rather amusing. But this leads to the great announcement that the Constitutional Arrangements committee has tabled their report. I just managed to get my hands on a copy fresh off the printers and it's interesting reading so far.

Monday, August 08, 2005

No more Holmes

Apparently there are a couple of people left out there who watch Holmes (0.5% of us apparently)? Well, tonight's your last opportunity. Prime is canning the show. Paul Holmes will be kept on as newspresenter but no more current affairs. I am stiffling laughter but it is hard.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Aah that explains it

Wondered why a certain retard can't type properly? It's cause his fingers are so fat, he just slaps them against the keyboard and hopes!

You really shouldn't fuck with me

Hey for all of you who missed peterquixote's little spazz attack on the comments. I have reproduced them in full below. For your entertainment. Really couldn't have all the fun myself.

while we at it parrot, read yo pathetic little girlfriend snootu nosed wehelpling that if she can't write english don't shove you drivel at anyoner else, suck, schoolgirl pansy qween you get eaten by dog
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hey pansy you one of the few that don't know this a multicultural country pansy, talk tereo all you like yous exstinct, topugh pansy, go to special giurls school, learn prejudice and priviledge, pansy doll, wear yo good knickesr leadbian
watch to readersdhip go up lesbian when i post lesbian man hater, you know mw and i know you, who you think win leswbian, racist man suck hard parrot dont bite dont they teach you anything at basjket weave
Damn I love intelligent, articulate debate!!

Fun with racists

Bored? Got nothing to do? Come play tease the racist. Seriously, this post is slipping down the page and didn't want anyone to miss out on seeing a 'certain constructive person' getting owned by my lovely readers. Feel free to join in. I know, I know, I shouldn't encourage them to debate round these parts, but this guy is such a bigot, I can't help myself.


Guess who's coming to play!!

Have you enrolled yet?

Have you enrolled yet?
Originally uploaded by kakariki.
I know this is an old sticker, but still a good reminder. Are you enrolled?

Support the Strike

Support the Strike
Originally uploaded by kakariki.
Today I went up to Vic to join in on the education protest. Although I admit I struggled to find any evidence of student protest there was certainly staff protests going on. I joined in for a while and followed them through the Hunter Building (including a lecture, much to the amusement of students). And then saw them later when they joined students in the Quad to listen to the rather *interesting* band. The staff actions have been rather interesting, and in particular the reaction from students. Jeremy's latest President column being a good example. For a long time now students have always backed staff in their actions and that support has not always been reciprocated. Of course it is in the interests of students to have well paid, quality staff. But it is also in the staff's interest to have awake, well fed, attentive and respectful students. It's a mutual thang ;o) But as students at Victoria and Lincoln among others are finding, these relationships are getting tested when it's the students who are constantly being punished by staff actions. University staff need to use a bit of imagination and perhaps engage in some protest action which isn't so traditional. (Marches are like so 1970s!). In saying that I am still 100% behind our university staff, most of them do wonderful jobs and work ridiculous hours for crap pay. But they do it for the love of it and some of the most inspirational people in my life so far were some of my university lecturers. In solidarity.

Honk for support!

Honk for support!
Originally uploaded by kakariki.
Part of the crowd getting awesome support from passers by.

Victoria Staff Protest

Originally uploaded by kakariki.
Banner from today's protest at Victoria.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Rt Hon Winston Peters: I now seek leave to table this document from Keith Locke, which shows, clearly, that the Government at the time was not in support of Pol Pot, at all, but was seeking to give aid to the Kampuchean people, despite the nature of the Pol Pot regime, which is something totally different from what he told you when he sought leave in the first place. Madam Speaker: Leave is sought to table that document. Is there any objection? [Interruption] Madam Speaker: Would the members both sit down. Leave has been sought to table a document. Keith Locke: I am allowed to make a point of order. Madam Speaker: Would you please be quiet. Keith Locke: I am allowed to make a point of order. Madam Speaker: No. Would you please sit down. I will put the original seeking of leave. Leave granted. Keith Locke: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I think it is wrong when a member seeks to table a document and misportrays the document that is to be tabled. This document clearly has David Thomson stating: "New Zealand's continued recognition of the Pol Pot regime"- Madam Speaker: That is not a point of order. If the member feels that another member has misled the House, there are other ways in which that matter can be addressed. I suggest that the member see me after the session. Rt Hon Winston Peters: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I objected to the way you told us both to sit down. Madam Speaker: Oh, I am terribly sorry- Rt Hon Winston Peters: Well, you should be. You are there to do your job properly. The fact is that if a member is seeking leave, he is entitled to be on his feet and not be interrupted by somebody who is grossly out of order. Next time, Madam Chair-and I know that this Parliament has only a few days to go, but in the hope of improving Parliament before we rise-perhaps you could stick to what the Standing Orders and prior Speakers' rulings state and not be so abrupt when some other party is at fault. That member should have been stopped in his tracks from the very moment he got to his feet. Madam Speaker: I thank the member, but I was making my ruling. I did not need any further contribution to the debate. Can we please return to questions.
Anyone else glad that this term of Parliament is nearly over?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dr Phil reprazent!

A friend sent me this. I found it to be rather amusing given my intense dislike for the man :oD I am passing this on to you because it definitely works for me and we all could use more calm in our lives. By following the simple advice I heard on a Dr Phil show, I have finally found inner peace. Dr Phil proclaimed that the way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started. So I looked around my house to see what things I had started and hadn't finished, and before leaving the house this morning I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Port, a bottle of Crown Royal, some bottles of single malt scotch, a package of Oreos, the remainder of both Prozac and Valium prescriptions, the rest of the cheesecake, some crackers and a box of chocolates. You have no idea how f*cking good I feel. I can highly recommend this to those of you who are in need of inner peace!

Monday, August 01, 2005

New blog

Check out WellUrban for great stuff about Wellington and finally an explanation about that weird tent that popped up on Cuba Mall!

Choice billboards!

Frog has the series of Green Party billboards. I think they're real pretty! And they deal with real issues. I can't wait to see them sprouting up around the place. And talking about billboards, this weeks' Critic has a great spoof of the National billboards. The top sez Student Vote, Helen sez "Mine!" Don sez "Doh!". Nice one. And speaking of nice things, I'm stoked to see Critic also has a cartoon archive on their site so I can share with my friends the wonderful sick humour that is ascii. Example: And check out their web only comics, they're good!

Show us ya morals!

The Sunday Star Times is doing an online survey about our morals. It's rather interesting and you can win $1000 for a charity of your choice. Take the survey here